Karyera Markazi

Biz haqimizda

Career Centre of Bukhara State University

Information about the centre:

Address: Republic Uzbekistan, 200117, Bukhara, M.Ikbol st., 11

E-mail: bsu1930@umail.uz

Phone: +0(365) 221-27-49, +0(365) 221-27-07

Website: www.cacebsu.uz

On February, 2016, in the framework of TEMPUS project UNIWORK, the rebranded Career Centre at Bukhara State University (Bukhara, Uzbekistan) was officially inaugurated by the Rector of the university, in the presence of university staff and local media.

This new Career Centre should help strengthen the ties between the universities and the employers in the region, and thus help its students improve their chances at finding good internships and employment opportunities. Furthermore it will be directly involved in the UNIWORK project activities, with its staff participating in training events organized by the project (including a 2 week practical placement to an EU Career Centre) and preparing their own events in the framework of the project, such as a Business Plan Competition for its students, and Employment Marathon etc.

      Career Center - one of the main activities of which are focused on the comprehensive support and assistance to students and university graduates of all disciplines and specializations in planning their careers and employment in the modern labor market.

      The mission of Career Center BSU- to create an environment conducive to students and graduates to effectively plan a career path and successfully realize themselves in their professional activities.

      The purpose of the center`s work: assistance and support students for temporary employment and the promotion of employment of university graduates.

      The main task of the center - increased mobility, competitiveness of graduates in the labor market, the expansion of social partnership framework, and improve the system of "university-employer".

Order to achieve the objectives and the decision of tasks "Career Center" will be held the following activities:

      - Monitoring the employment of university graduates;

    - Monitoring the status and trends in the labor market, job search, maintaining a database of vacancies received by the Centre from the organizations; placement vacancies on the website as well as at the information stands of the Centre;

   - Interaction with employers - organizations on employment of graduates on the basis of agreements of different directions, to obtain from them applications to fill the existing vacancies;

      - Support national and regional programs to employment undergraduate and graduate;

      - The organization of students to participate in job fairs, presentations of organizations, conferences Career Days and other events dedicated to vocational guidance and placement of graduates;

      - Informing and consulting students, university graduates and employers on employment;

      - The organization of visits of students and training workshops on skills and employment effective methods of building a career;

      - Preparation and delivery to the faculty dean`s office relevant and useful information to be used in work with students on the assessment of the quality of training by employers, graduate employment, building a career, behavior in the labor market.